Our Story


Here is our story . . .

Livin’ Right Wines is the brain child of Cuillin Hills founder and former Winemaker, Derek Des Voigne.  Derek has always wanted to create a line of wines for those who share a love for the outdoor lifestyle, seek adventure, and simply enjoy the sensation of having your feet on the pedals, in the dirt, grass, sand or snow. Together, in 2016, Derek and Jamey started working on an “active lifestyle” brand, it has been a very fun and exciting collaboration and adventure, and the best is yet to come!   Livin’ Right Wines and its branding represents our love for living a life full of outdoor adventure and In the Fall of 2017 the dream finally came true!

We’ve spent lots of time “road tripping” with family and friends to outdoor destinations, always encountering the familiar, and highly identifiable, road signs we’ve all grown up with.  Thus, the inspiration behind the labels! Spending time traveling in the Pacific Northwest and beyond Camping, Hiking, Biking, Skiing, etc. is what we love to do and wanted to combine our love for delicious wine with our love for having fun outside with family and friends and that is the story behind Livin’ Right Wines.

In the spirit of “Livin’ Right”, we’ve also developed a traveling character, a roaming sole of sorts, that represents our traveling spirit, sense of adventure and excitement about wine.   In just a short time our Livin’ Right partner has hitched a ride to SE Asia, National Parks,  Iceland, Australia, Oregon, Spain, Scotland, California  and beyond with our fabulous family and friends.  We know the adventurous traveling spirit will continue and we are excited to see where it lands!!  Livin’ Right Wines will join many to camp grounds, ski slopes, hiking trails, bike paths, golf courses, yoga studios, picnic tables, and beaches!

 Jamey & Derek

“Wines Inspired by Wanderers, for Those Who Wander . . . ”